Work and career is important for every person, as we spend one-third of our life in our working environment. Numerous market research studies show that businesses benefit from encouraging diversity in the workplace, and from directly addressing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) market segments. The estimated Polish LGBT market potential can be concluded as a market segment of 2.4 million customers with the buying power of over 20 billion Euros.

LGBT Business Forum is a Polish non-governmental organization raising awareness and working for equality and non-discrimination of LGBT people in the workplace

LGBT Business Forum Conference 2015 will take place on 10th of June

This year’s event will focus on how LGBT inclusion helps increasing income of companies during the crisis. Sodexo and city of Vienna are the partners of the event.

ibrazekThe program is really packed. Main guests of the event are Vice President, Group Diversity and Inclusion for Sodexo Jean-Michel Monnot, one of the founders of Prout At Work foundation dr Jean-Luc Vey and Director of Workplace Programmes at Stonewall in London Simon Feeke.

During the conference we will focus on how LGBT inclusion and diversity policies are able to increase income of companies during the time of crises. We’d like to check if tit’s possible and how organisations could profit that.

- The researches are conclusive: creating LGBT-friendly workplace environment will make companies earn more and will get their employees work more efficient. This knowledge as well as specific good practices we will share during the annual LGBT Business Forum Conference 2015 – says Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum Foundation.

During the conference we will also present the results of annual LGBT Market and Workplace Research in Poland 2015. Survey that was taken by over 1300 LGBT persons from Poland has finished in mid-April. The results will be presented by Ewa Niedzielska, the author of the report.

On of the guests of the conference will be Anna Błaszczak from the Polish Obudsperson Bureau. She will talk about the UN guidelines for business and human rights – a new document describing some important issues regarding CSR and HR issues.

The conference will take place on 10th of June from 10 AM to 3 PM in Centrum Zielna 37 (Warsaw, Zielna street 37) and will be simultaneously translated to English/Polish. The event is supported by a patronage from Government’s Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment and Polish Ombudsperson.

Registration is open at
The number of places is limited.



Polish Ombudsperson is also supporting our annual conference

Prof. Irena Lipowicz decided to give her patronage over our LGBT Business Forum Conference 2015. In her letter she asked us to greet in her name all the guests of the event.


The full program of the event will be reveled this week. Dedicated webpage will be launched as well.

Our annual conference already got a support from Government’s Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment.

The letter from Ombudsperson (Polish):


Government’s Plenipotentiary is supporting our annual Conference

Government’s Plenipotentiary for Equal Treatment prof. Małgorzata Fuszara decided to support our LGBT Business Forum Conference 2015, which is scheduled for 10th June 2015.

fuszaraThe letter of support was sent to our Foundation last Friday. Ministry Fuszara informed that she is delighted to support the event and wishes the organizers a good luck during the conference.

This week we’re planning to announce the official program of the conference and to launch a dedicated webpage that will allow participants to register.

Below the letter from Plenipotentiary can be found:



We know the Jury of Rainbow Bee Awards 2015

Each year we’re awarding companies that treat equality professionally and seriously. Those companies know how to treat their employees regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The Rainbow Bee Award has been established by the LGBT Business Forum Foundation, which works towards promoting the benefits resulting from diversity in workplace, for both companies and employees. It is awarded yearly during the Equality Parade Festival.

We have set up the Rainbow Bee Award − to award companies where the diversity standards, relating also to LGBT employees, have been introduced; a company where you can be yourself during the recruitment process, because, even if you are a nonheteronormative person, this fact will have no influence on whether you are hired or not; a company in which, when asked by the boss about whether you are rested after the weekend, you can easily answer: „Yes, because I had a great time at the Pride Parade”; a company, which is seen as friendly also by LGBT customers.

Jury of the Rainbow Bee Awards 2015 was set up by the Board of the LGBT Business Forum Foundation. We’ve gathered representatives of the biggest ngos fighting for LGBT rights in Poland. And this is why the Jury is:
Olga Bodzanowska – Tolerado Association
Karolina Borowska – Lambda Warszawa Association
Agata Chaber – Campaign Against Homophobia
Wiktor Dynarski – Trans-Fuzja Foundation
Damian Graczyk – Fabryka Równości Association
Mariusz Kurc – Replika Foundation
Aneta Ostrowska – Acceptance Association
Łukasz Pałucki – Volunteers of Equality Foundation
Jej Perfekcyjność – LGBT Business Forum Foundation
Patryk Plaza – Równość na Fali Association
Anna Stępniewska i Katarzyna Kulik – YESteśMY Group
Marcin Szczepkowski – Love Does Not Exclude Association

The Rainbow Bees 2015 will be given on a gala on 10th of June in Warsaw.

Beside the Rainbow Bee Awards, we will also grant a Rainbow Wasp Award. This is a motivational award which goes to a company still in need of realizing, that it is worth having the workplace free of discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity. The LGBT Business Forum Foundation awards this award believing that the Rainbow Wasp−labeled company will make use of the invitation and undergo an anti-discrimination „facelift”.

More about companies awarded in 2014 can be found here.

Here is a short clip from the Gala in 2014:

We finished collection of the data in our LGBT Market and Workplace Research

We will start analyzing the data any day now. What we know already is that this year’s survey attracted more LGBT persons that the one year before when we started the survey for the very first time.

badanielogoWe first planned to finish the data collection process on 31st of March but then Foundation decided to delay the date to 15th of April, because of a great interest in the research.

The survey is another edition of the research started in 2014. This year’s form will help us additionally find the answers to questions about lifestyle choices of LGBT people and their financial and insurance issues. The survey was consulted with the biggest LGBT charities in Poland. The results of the research will be published and announced during our annual LGBT Business Forum conference which will be the part of Equality Parade Festival 2015.

The answers given by the participants will also help us find candidates for the Rainbow Bee Award 2015. is a media partner of the research.