Work and career is important for every person, as we spend one-third of our life in our working environment. Numerous market research studies show that businesses benefit from encouraging diversity in the workplace, and from directly addressing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) market segments. The estimated Polish LGBT market potential can be concluded as a market segment of 2.4 million customers with the buying power of over 20 billion Euros.

LGBT Business Forum is a Polish non-governmental organization raising awareness and working for equality and non-discrimination of LGBT people in the workplace

New ‚Open For Business’ coalition published their first report

Fourteen global companies launch the first business-led coalition, alongside former President Bill Clinton, to support the spread of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender (LGB&T) inclusion around the world. Their first report was consulted by LGBT Business Forum Foundation, too.

OfB_okladkaThe coalition published a new report which shows that economies perform better and successful businesses thrive in open, diverse and inclusive societies. The report also assesses the risks faced by global companies operating in countries with anti-LGB&T legislation. For example, risks to employee safety and security, and risks to brand and reputation.

– We are delighted that LGBT Business Forum Foundation was able to share our knowledge and experience with the coalition – Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum Foundation said. – Polish perspective is very clearly present thanks to that and we’re hoping that it will boost the tempo of changes among companies in our country and invite them to create open and diversed workplaces.

The coalition, ‘Open For Business’, includes American Express, AT&T, Brunswick, EY, Google, IBM, LinkedIn, Linklaters, MasterCard, McKinsey & Company, Royal Bank of Scotland, Standard Chartered, Thomson Reuters and Virgin Group.

The purpose of Open For Business is to make and promote a positive business and economic case for global LGB&T rights. As businesses with customers, employees, suppliers and operations around the world, the coalition believes successful, enterprising businesses thrive in diverse, inclusive societies, and the spread of anti-LGB&T policies runs counter to the interests of business and economic development.

Open For Business also published a comprehensive report today, written by authors Jon Miller and Lucy Parker, which shows that successful businesses thrive in open, diverse and inclusive societies. The report, ‘Open For Business: the Economic and Business Case for LGB&T Inclusion,’ presents the most substantial evidence-base to date on this subject, demonstrating that:

  1. Economies perform better without discrimination against LGB&T persons.
  2. Companies perform better in societies that support LGB&T inclusion.
  3. Individuals perform better in environments that support LGB&T inclusion.

The formation of the coalition and the report’s findings will provide evidence and support for those with influence in governments who oppose anti-LGB&T policies around the world. Over the next 12 months some members of the Open For Business coalition will hold global events to raise awareness of the business and economic case for LGB&T inclusion.

The full report and details of the coalition can be found at: You can also download the report here.


Good practices data collection starts today

The first step of preparing a unique guide with good practices for polish companies interested in equal treatment of LGBT persons is being made today. You’re more than invited to submit your good practice from you company operating in Poland.

Good practices are those actions that support LGBT employees, help them to be included and make sure that all the employees are being treated equally in their workplace. Organizations all over the world already established those actions – starting with their recruitment process. No data of that kind was ever collected in Poland. The book that is going to put them all together is going to be a guide for next companies to come.

– The data collection process we’ve started today will help us find those kind of actions that companies are proud of and like to share with each others. We’re hoping to diagnose the most popular and the best of them – said Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum Foundation in Warsaw.


Good practices can be submitted until 18th of October here (Polish only).

From all the companies that will submit their ideas, Foundation will chose some and will contact them to conduct an extra face-to-face in-depth interview helping to better describe the actions take by company. At the same time a team of experts will work on good practices popular among companies abroad – to determinate which one of them would be a good fit in Poland’s economical, social and legal situation. Simple copy-like appliance is usually not a good idea – because they have to be tailor-made for a specific framework.

The publication summing up all those ideas will be available for free at website but will also be provided in seminars that LGBT Business Forum Foundation is planning to organize at the beginning of 2016 all over Poland.

The data collection process is a part of project „Miejsce pracy przyjazne osobom LGBT” („LGBT friendly workplace”) which is being realized within „Obywatele dla Demokracji” („Citizens for Democracy”) program, financed by Norway Funds. More about the project can be found at site (Polish only).


We will promote workplace equal treatment during Wrocław’s festival

Equal Rights Festival, started on Monday and peaking on Equality March this Saturday is a great chance to talk about equality in Wrocław’s companies. This is why we’re going to be there.

Equal Rights Festival poster

Equal Rights Festival poster

On 1st of October, as a part of Festival, closed meeting for representatives of those groups in scheduled in Wrocław. People interested in creating those groups in their organizations are welcomed as well.

– I think the idea of meeting is great and exciting and that is why we’ve decided to be a part of this event. The atmosphere of small and intimate meetings is very good for honest and free talks – said Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum Foundation.

The registration for the event ins possible throughout the organizers of the Festival. During the meeting, LGBT Business Forum Foundation’s representative will share some information about how the organization is helping companies to establish and develop employees resource groups. All the people participating in the meeting will have a chance to talk about their problems and concerns regarding the affirmative actions taken or planned in their workplaces.

The meeting is only a week ahead of symposium scheduled by LGBT Business Forum Foundation and Workplace Pride at the Kraków’s Shell offices. The registration for the event is opened until 5th of October and more information can be found here.

LGBT business Forum Foundation already promised to organize seminars on equal treatment of LGBT people in workplace to take place in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań and Gdańsk. All the details will be available at Foundation’s project site soon.

LGBTQ Market and Workplace Research Report 2015

researchreportResearch shows that people who work/study at places with anti-discrimination policies for non-heterosexual people, are more satisfied with their job than those working in places without such policies or where employees do not know about them.

And that’s just one of many interesting information you can get from our „LGBTQ Market and Workplace Research Report 2015”. The report sums answers of more than 1300 LGBT persons from Poland.

The report is divided into 4 parts:
Demographics – showing who answered the questions,
Situation of LGBTQ people in the workplace/school – explaining how LGBTQ are living on daily basics in Poland,
– Consumer choices and lifestyles of LGBTQ people – an additional information about how LGBTQ people in Poland chose their brands and products,
– Finances and Banking of LGBTQ People – this year’s premiere part discussing the way that polish LGBTQ community is using finance and banking services as well as how do they perceive brands from this market.

More detailed data is available for companies participating in our LGBT Business Platform.

You can download the report in PDF file by clicking here.

Click to download PDF

Click to download PDF