Work and career is important for every person, as we spend one-third of our life in our working environment. Numerous market research studies show that businesses benefit from encouraging diversity in the workplace, and from directly addressing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) market segments. The estimated Polish LGBT market potential can be concluded as a market segment of 2.4 million customers with the buying power of over 20 billion Euros.

LGBT Business Forum is a Polish non-governmental organization raising awareness and working for equality and non-discrimination of LGBT people in the workplace

Animations promote good practices in hiring LGBT persons

Four new animations tell about good practices which have already been introduced by some Polish companies. It’s another mean of promoting LGBT persons inclusiveness in a workplace.

dobrepraktykiEvery clip tells about one good practice. It explains, in a simple and dynamic way, the gist of the practice and its consequences. From the animations, we can also find out about problems which could arise during practices introduction and hints on dealing with them.

We’re very proud of the recordings. We hope that making our message more appealing will let it reach next enterprises and promote good practices that have already been introduces in some Polish companies – explains Kajetan Stobiecki from LGBT Business Forum Foundation.

Examples given in animations come from companies which have already introduced such solutions themselves. They enable one to see the context of practices introduction at the beginning of XXI century. Data used to create the animations was collected using the on-line survey and during in-depth interviewing of the representatives of enterprises. This way, it is certain that these are practical questions and authentical introductions. These two factors were crucial for clips authors.

All the animations are presented with English subtitles.

More examples of good practices can be found in a workbook that can be downloaded from LGBT Business Forum Foundation website.

The workbook „Opening yourself to diversity” was published in November 2015. It contains the analysis of good practices in terms of employing LGBT persons, introduces in Polish companies. It’s a practical guide which enables one to not only get to know the mechanisms used, but also to introduce them in their own enterprise. The workbook, in the form of a PDF file, can be downloaded HERE for free.

The animations are a part of the „LGBT persons – friendly workplace” project which is being realized in within the „Citizens for Democracy” program, financed from EOG Funds.

All the animations can be watched here:


Save the date: LGBT Business Forum Conference 2016

We already know the date of the annual LGBT Business Forum conference. The event will take place on 10th June in Warsaw. We encourage you to take the time to come.


The conference, which has been organized for a couple of years now, is the biggest event in Poland devoted to the inclusiveness of LGBT persons in their workplace as well as the issues of LGBT persons consumer market.

During this year’s conference we’ll get to know the outcomes of the report ‚LGBT persons workplace and market research in Poland 2016’. Besides, guests from abroad and Polish companies which already introduce equality policies will participate in the event.

Admission to the conference is free. Priority will be given to LGBT Business Platform.

Photo coverage from last year’s conference can be found HERE.

In the evening of the same day, the Rainbow Bees Gala 2016, which is an awards ceremony for the LGBT persons – friendly companies in Poland, will be held.

Video coverage from last year’s conference:

Video coverage from the Rainbow Bees Gala 2015:

The LGBTQ Market and Workplace Survey 2016 starts now

We will be collecting data relating to the situation of LGBTQ people on the market and in workplace. Every non-heteronormative person is invited to take part.


The annual survey answers questions related to finances and LGBTQ lifestyle. More than 1300 people took part in the last year’s survey, which makes it the biggest survey of its kind in the country.

The survey can be found at (Polish only).

Although there is still a lot of time to take part, we encourage you do it as soon as possible.

Because we repeat the survey every year, we are able to credibly assess the situation in our country. We check how the external factors like economic or political changes can affect the position of LGBT people at work. While at it, we also check what sort of consumers non-heternormative people are,” explains Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of LGBT Business Forum Foundation.

Last year’s survey revealed that over 46% of LGBT people have experienced various kinds of discrimination in the workplace, and 4% have experienced physical violence. Almost 47% have come out at work – more than a half of them emphasized that nothing has changed, while 23,9% claimed that it made them feel better and happier. More than 40% of people that hide their sexual orientation and gender identity said that if they could come out, their work would be more efficient.

The entire report of 2015’s survey can be found HERE.

The content of the survey was consulted with the biggest NGOs that focus on LGBTQ people. The results will be published during the LGBT Business Forum Conference 2016 that is a part of the Equality Parade Festival 2016 – precisely on June 10th, 2016.

The survey is available at the LGBT Business Forum website – it can be found here. The media partner of the survey is the website

Save the date: Take part in two-day workshops for HR personnel

Starting this week, you can register for two-day workshops directed at HR personnel and executive boards  “Benefit from diversity! How to create an LGBT-friendly workplace and why you should do it”. The workshops are free of charge.

Registration will begin at the LGBT Business Forum website ( The workshops will take place in three cities:

  • 28-29 January in Wroclaw,
  • 4-5 February in Warsaw,
  • 11-12 February in Cracow,

Training program includes i.a. content concerning benefits for businesses stemming from implementing equal treatment politics, effective laws, mechanisms of creation of stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination toward LGBT persons, the most common examples of prejudice in the workplace, strategy of implementing equal treatment policies and relevant difficulties and dilemmas, and usable tools. The training will also cover self-planning (with assistance from the consultants) of strategies of implementing actions concerning equal treatment of LGBT persons in the workplace.

A detailed program will be released when the registration starts.

The organisers guarantee: an opportunity to take part in the workshops (12 workshop hours), instructional materials, catering, accommodation (twin rooms) and – to limited extent – a possibility of covering the commuting costs.

Each business can register two participants at most. Admission according to the entry order.

The workshops are free of charge and are a part of the project “An LGBT-friendly workplace”, executed within the Citizens of Democracy programme, financed by the EEA funds.

Insurance business supports Equality Parade (Coverage For Equality) is a new project of the creators of the Equality Parade. It offers beneficial insurance policies of well-known insurance businesses that do not exclude anyone. The profits support the organisation of the Equality Parade.

PolisaDlaRownosci-gwiazdyCurrently the website is offering two kinds of insurance – health and house. However, this is just the start – new offers will appear at the beginning of 2016. The insurance policies have been prepared for the Volunteers of Equality Foundation – the main organiser of the Equality Parade – by the insurance broker ProBroker Outsourcing.

“The idea is simple. We have prepared beneficial, non-discriminatory insurance policies. The profits do not go to the insurance agent, but support the organisation of the Equality Parade. In this way, every client can not only gain insurance protection, but also aid the fight for equality in Poland,” explains Jej Perfekcyjność, the Secretary of the Board of the Volunteers of Equality Foundation.

Some of the insurance businesses do not allow to include the same-sex partner in the policy, or the children of the partner that is not formally related to the client. The products created for the Coverage For Equality project treat these families as they would treat traditional ones.

Anna Grodzka, Krystian Legierski and Yga Kostrzewa are among those who promote the project. Photos of them can be seen on the website and in the advertisements.

The available health insurance has been prepared by the company Luxmed Ubezpieczenia. The cheapest is 54zł a month and includes i.a. consultations with medical experts, nursing, ambulatory, laboratory and dental treatments and a set of preventative vaccinations. In the family option, the insurance can include a partner, no matter what gender.

The house insurance has been prepared by the company UNIQA Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń. The prices start at 83zł a year. It includes personal properties, furniture and liability insurance and covers random events, voltage surges, glass breakage, burglaries, flooding, fires and many more. In the special Safety Plus package the coverage is even wider and guarantees exceptional safety. The insurance policy is also available to those who rent out houses and flats, which makes it a highly beneficial product.

The Volunteers of Equality Foundation is offering more policies and is currently working on making them available for purchase through the website. It is supposed to happen over the next few months. Discriminatory insurance policies have been the reason for many legal cases and disagreements. They have been analysed by the Polish Society of Anti-Discrimination Law and the Polish Insurance Ombudsman.