Work and career is important for every person, as we spend one-third of our life in our working environment. Numerous market research studies show that businesses benefit from encouraging diversity in the workplace, and from directly addressing LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) market segments. The estimated Polish LGBT market potential can be concluded as a market segment of 2.4 million customers with the buying power of over 20 billion Euros.

LGBT Business Forum is a Polish non-governmental organization raising awareness and working for equality and non-discrimination of LGBT people in the workplace

We finished collection of the data in our LGBT Market and Workplace Research

We will start analyzing the data any day now. What we know already is that this year’s survey attracted more LGBT persons that the one year before when we started the survey for the very first time.

badanielogoWe first planned to finish the data collection process on 31st of March but then Foundation decided to delay the date to 15th of April, because of a great interest in the research.

The survey is another edition of the research started in 2014. This year’s form will help us additionally find the answers to questions about lifestyle choices of LGBT people and their financial and insurance issues. The survey was consulted with the biggest LGBT charities in Poland. The results of the research will be published and announced during our annual LGBT Business Forum conference which will be the part of Equality Parade Festival 2015.

The answers given by the participants will also help us find candidates for the Rainbow Bee Award 2015. is a media partner of the research.

Now we know which companies do NOT support LGBT issues in Poland

We often talk about the corporations that support communities fighting for equality around the world, either through financing or organizing special events. But of course, that takes place only in those countries where it is profitable. In Poland, many of those corporations forget their mission that they voice so loudly in the West.

New information about the engagement of polish business sector, which in western economies openly supports LGBT, was published by the organizers of Equality Parade in Warsaw. They share their experiences of trying to get in touch with those companies who take part in pro-equality actions and campaigns in other countries. Vast majority of the companies ignored their attempts. Only four of them replied – all of them negatively.

The whole test can be found here (English version).

The topic will be one of the issues for our Chair of Board Jej Perfekcyjność during „Stonewall Workplace Conference 2015″ planned for this Friday in London.

LGBT Business Forum Foundation puts together companies that support LGBT issues in our LGBT Business Platform. Those companies are openly supporting their LGBT employees and take a stand when it comes to fighting discrimination.

The LGBT Market and Workplace Research will stay opened 2 weeks longer

Great support of the research was the deciding factor in extending the time for collecting answers from LGBTQ individuals until 15th of April 2015.

Postponing the dead-line is an effect of many news answers being given in the research every day. On the many new people decided to share their stories with us thanks to a great support of LGBT-focused media that we acknowledged within past few weeks. The Board of the Foundation decided to give a chance to answer to all of those people that weren’t aware of the research before.

We’re hoping to top the number of answers given during the last year’s research - said Jej Perfekcyjność, Chair of the Board of the LGBT Business Forum Foundation. - But even at this very moment we know that the results already are very interesting and will give an exciting insight into the situation of LGBTQ persons in Poland. We can’t wait to share those data with everybody.

Click to go to the research form

Click to go to the research form

This research is a annual project of the Foundation started in 2014. It allows people from the LGBTQ community to answer honestly to questions regarding their workplace but also lifestyle and financial situation. The research was consulted with a dozen of LGBT charities in Poland. The results of it will be published and announced during the annual LGBT Business Forum conference in June 2015 – during the Equality Parade Festival 2015.

On the site individuals can answer the research questions (polish only).

The launch of the “LGBT market and workplace research in Poland 2015”

The research is open until the end of March for all LGBT people in Poland. It will allow us to evaluate and analyze the actual situation of polish LGBT community in business context.

The important part of the survey is the appreciation of those companies, which act and make visible their efforts for equality of LGBT people as consumers and their employees. During the Equality Week and during the “Rainbow Bee Award” Gala the prizes will be presented to most LGBT friendly companies operating in Poland, based on the results of the research. We encourage all non-heteronormative persons to participate in this unique survey.

This is a continuation of a project launched in 2014 which allowed us to present the first ever report of LGBT community in regards of workplace and as consumers. The 2015 survey focus is on the LGBT issues in the financial sector.

-> To participate in the study, visit (Polish only)

Media partner of the research is

Video message from Ulrike Lunacek for LGBT Business Forum

Vice-President of European Parliament Ulrike Lunacek prepared a video message for the conference organized by LGBT Business Forum entitled „LGBT rights and economic growth – a union of equality?”. The event took place in the Austrian Forum of Culture in Warsaw on the 13th of June 2014.