Polish LGBT Market and Workplace Research 2014

 „Polish LGBT Market and Workplace Research 2014” is a first study on LGBT at work and needs of LGBT as consumers. What is important for us whilst buying a service or a product? Do we feel discriminated at workplace? Do international corporations, which often boast themselves of antidiscrimination policy abroad, implement such policy in Poland?

The survey is anonymous and can be fullfilled till the 31th of March 2014.


The results of the study will be revealed during LGBT Business Forum conference “LGBT Diversity Management as a Business Factor” during The Week of Equality in 2014.

The study is supported by following organizations:

Fabryka Równości, Fundacja Trans-Fuzja, Fundacja Dla Odmiany, Fundacja Kultura dla Tolerancji, Fundacja Wolontariat Równości, Lambda Warszawa, network (Szwajcaria), Pracownia Różnorodności, Fundacja Replika, Równość na Fali, Stowarzyszenie Miłość Nie Wyklucza, Stowarzyszenie Tęczówka, Trójmiejskie Stowarzyszenie na Rzecz Osób LGBT Tolerado

Media partners: Queer.pl, Replika